IUAP-PAI Fundamental Interactions
 Meeting of 25 May 2005


Location : Vrije Universiteit Brussel
                 Campus Etterbeek
                 Building Q, room Qb

Building Q is the Aula of the VUB. It is located near entrance 13 (toegang 13) on the Pleinlaan / Avenue de la Plaine.
There is a parking under the buiding.

How to get to VUB and building Qb?
If you come by car:
please note that because of road works around the VUB campus, it is best to take entrance 13 (Toegang 13 on map) on the Pleinlaan /Avenue de la Plaine


Transparencies of talks

Lunch will be taken in the self-serve cafetaria of the VUB.
Coffee breaks and drink will take place in the Foyer in building Q.

Questions can be addressed to Catherine De Clercq or Alexandre Sevrin.

modified 13/05/05