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My interests are in the field of Experimental High Energy Physics. Since 2006 I am working within the CMS collaboration at CERN's LHC. I am currently working on the GEM Forward Muon Upgrade aiming to install Triple-GEM detectors in front of the CSC detectors in the so-called ME1/1 station. The Triple-GEM technology has been chosen for its excellent tracking and trigger ability. In this project, my group is responsible for the design of the back-end electronics (trigger and DAQ). Our developments include micro-TCA board design, equipped with powerful FPGAs, hardware, firmware and DAQ software developments. We also contribute to the development of the DAQ system of a Lare TPC for the future ILC linear collider.

The team is composed of :

  • Gilles De Lentdecker (Physicist)
  • Yifan Yang (Electronic engineer)
  • Patrizia Barria (Postdoc)
  • Erik Verhagen (PhD student)
  • Florian Zenoni (PhD student)
  • Thierry Maerschalk (PhD student)
  • Thomas Lenzi (Master student)
  • Michael Korntheuer (Electronician)

    Since 2012 I am also involved in a project to measure the dose of high energy neutrons in protontherapy centers. The team is composed of :

  • Gilles De Lentdecker (Physicist)
  • Valerie De Smet (PhD student)
  • David Ndayizeye (PhD student)

    Previously, within CMS, I worked with Prof. Pierre Marage, Dr. Barbara Clerbaux and the HEEP group, on the search for heavy resonances through the study of high energy electron-positron pairs hoping to find evidence of new particles (Z', Graviton, Kaluza-Klein excitations, ...).

    From 2002 to 2005, I worked on the CDF experiment at Fermilab (Chicago) along with Prof. Kevin McFarland of the University of Rochester. In particular I worked on the Drell-Yan process and the forward-backward charge asymetries, hoping to find evidence of new physics. I have also led the Level-3 (processor) trigger group during the year 2004-05.

    Finally, since 2012, I am the President of the Belgian Physical Society ( BPS ).

    Note the IIHE offers the possibility for Diploma thesis as well as Ph.D. thesis. For more information, please, have a look at this page or contact me .